Exploring the world of metal shelving possibilities

Metal Shelves

Metal shelves come in many forms and styles, including wire, solid, decorative, and more.

Metal shelves are a great way to conveniently sort and store items, especially if your home or workplace is feeling a little cluttered.  How many times have you run out of storage space, finding that your house becomes messy very quickly, because you just don’t have space for everything?  That’s a problem many people have, and usually it stems from their organization.  Metal shelves can provide a place to quickly and conveniently store those things, and create a more visually appealing atmosphere in the process.

But before you go out and buy a set of shelves, first you should take a few measurements.  You wouldn’t want to purchase a nice new set of metal shelves, only to find they don’t fit in the area you intended to place them.  Figure out the best place for the new shelving in your house, and take measurements of the surrounding area.  That means the width and height of the area you have available, so you can be sure any shelves you purchase will fit comfortably, and not cause any unnecessary headaches.

From there, you’re set to find some shelves.  Metal is usually the best way to go, as metal shelves can bear more weight and are more durable than wood or plastic shelves.  Metal also offers a sleeker more stylish look, no matter in which room you use them.   There are also a wide variety of metal styles, from solid shelves, to mesh and metal bar designs.  All of which serve their purpose slightly differently, and you’ll have to consider which version is best for you.

Solid metal shelves mean that the shelving comes in one solid strip of metal.  These tend to be more heavy duty than any other shelf you could find, and are often composed from steel.  These shelves can store any type of item with ease, as there is no risk of even the smallest things falling through the cracks.  But solid shelves tend to take up more room, and usually are heavier than mesh or bar designs.  Solid shelves also don’t offer the same visual appeal and are usually reserved for storage only.

Mesh and bar shelf designs are fairly similar, but can differ on a few key points.  You’ll find that shelves with a bar design, almost like a grate, are also usually made of steel.  Because of their tightly packed steel bar set up, you can expect more sturdy shelves in a smaller space.  The same is true of mesh metal designs, although usually the mesh shelves don’t always use steel, so they aren’t quite as strong.  But both provide a good amount of durability, and are able to bear heavy loads despite their usually smaller size.  Which you choose is more about style taste, than functionality.  The only problem with either is that smaller items could easily slip through the cracks, causing a few problems.

You can find quality metal shelves at almost any department store.  From big chains like Target and Walmart, to furniture stores, and home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes.  For a good set of mesh or bar shelves you can expect to pay around $25 to $50 in most cases.  That means these shelves are very affordable.  But heavy duty solid metal shelves will usually cost double that, because of their size and much higher weight limitations.