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Glass Display Shelves

Glass display shelving gives any room a stylish, contemporary look and feel.

Glass display shelves add a stylish accent to any room, and a very elegant means to showcase your collections.  Usually reserved strictly for decorative purposes, glass shelves aren’t made for functionality, but rather visual flair.  Coming in a variety from styles, such as metal modern designs, to antique glass and wooden frame fashions.   Both offer a different approach to your room, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The more antique appeal of the wooden frame for glass display shelves offers an unrivaled level of elegance to any room.  Featuring more classical designs, the wood grain contrast combined with glass shelves makes a more than worthy piece to showcase any item.   Usually reserved for collections, such as tea sets or fine china, a wooden display shelf doesn’t feature very much stability, but they aren’t really intended for practical use.   Wooden glass shelves can also feature doors, which combine with the shelves to create a very elegant cabinet for the storage and display of a wide variety of items.

A metal shelf is essentially the same, only metal shelves have more of an emphasis on modern designs.  Because of the modern appeal, the shelves usually feature unorthodox set ups, as the main point is artistic value.  A metal frame with glass shelves is usually not as supportive as a wooden frame, simply because of the difference in design.  Usually the modern designs are more creative, and less functional, so they won’t be able to support very much weight.  Metal glass display shelves are mainly a piece in themselves, and don’t require a great collection of items to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Shopping for glass display shelves is a more involved process than standard shelves.  To find the best quality, you’ll need a more specialty oriented furniture store that features pieces like these.  One of the major chains like Ikea or Pier 1 Imports can be a good place to start, as they have a wide variety of mass produced items.  This means the glass display shelves will be widely available, and guaranteed to be in stock, giving you more opportunity to shop around.

Check the floor models and try and find a set of shelves that you feel best matches your room.  Make sure that you have an accurate set of measurements on hand, for the space that you are planning on placing the shelves.  Because glass display shelves come in all different shapes and sizes, having accurate measurements is important.  You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on a very nice set of shelves, only to find out they won’t fit in your house, or the room you were planning to use.

Finally, once you have your shelves, remember that glass display shelves require more care than your average shelf.  You’ll have to move all the items you’re displaying away from the shelf at least once a week, so that you can clean the glass and the frame.  Otherwise dust and wear will begin to show, and your glass display shelves won’t be quite as elegant as they once were.  Any glass approved cleaner will do the trick.

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