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Heavy Duty Shelf Brackets

Heavy duty shelf brackets are ideal for storing larger items.

Heavy duty shelf brackets are a great way to create a shelf that conforms to your needs and requirements.  A shelf bracket will allow you to create a floating shelf that’s affixed directly to a wall.  Shelf brackets allow you to essentially build a shelf for a variety of uses, and put that shelf in any area of your choosing.  Heavy duty shelf brackets allow you to create a shelf that can support a lot of weight, despite it’s small size and wall mounted position.

First you should determine which wall you want to use, to create your shelf.  Preferably you want to use a wall that’s sturdy enough to bear the load you’re expecting to place on the shelf.  If you’re going to be storing very heavy items, the average home wall won’t be able to comfortably support this weight, and you run the risk of damaging the wall.  Measure the spaces you would like the shelves to be placed, so that you can get an idea of what sort of materials you’ll be needing.

From there you can purchase your shelf brackets.  There are many different types, but the best heavy duty shelf brackets are usually made from steel.  Steel brackets can have a weight load of beyond 1,000lbs when two are used.  That can make a huge difference as to how long your shelf will last, and how your wall will tolerate bearing the weight.  Find a color and style that matches your tastes.  Shelf brackets can come in a variety of styles, but most of the heavy duty brackets are intended to be functional opposed to visually appealing.

Your best bet for high quality brackets is a hardware store.  Most of the home improvement oriented ones will have a plentiful selection.  Anywhere from Home Depot to Lowes will have what you need, and employees that can give you tips on which brackets might be best for you.  How you’re going to use the shelf you’re installing has a lot to do with which materials will service your needs.

Make sure that you also have the correct tools for the job.  In order to install brackets for a shelf successfully you’ll need a drill, and a level, as well as screws specific to the type of wall that will be supporting the shelf.  The drill will be used to make the holes for your screws.  The level is especially handy to make sure that your shelf is straight, so that it will hold items successfully.  Also, using the wrong screws can cause damage to your wall, and compromise the integrity of your shelf.  So it’s best to consult an expert for advice regarding your wall material, to make sure the operation goes as safely as possible.

Remember that how much weight your shelf will hold also depends on the material you actually use as the shelf’s surface.  Your heavy duty brackets will hold up under intense pressure, but the wrong surface won’t.  If you’re planning on storing a lot of heavy items, a steel shelf will be best, as a steel surface will stand up to anything your brackets can handle.  With wood you run the risk of long term decay, and also cracking or even snapping when bearing a large amount of weight.

If you’re at all concerned about the integrity of your shelf, based upon the shelf surface, don’t hesitate to install a third heavy duty shelf bracket in the middle.  This way the weight is more evenly spread over both brackets, and there is less pressure on the shelf surface itself.

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