Exploring the world of metal shelving possibilities

Metal Storage Shelves

Metal storage shelves and cabinets offer an effective means of storing items.

Metal storage shelves provide a long term, and effective way to store items in your basement or garage.  These shelves are more heavy duty than your average house shelf, and can be used to store heavier hardware.  That means power tools, extra paint, and any home repair items you can think of.  Metal storage shelves are designed to hold as much weight as possible, in a small space, and for long periods of time.  You’ll find metal also stands the test of time much better than wood or glass, making them ideal storage choices.

As always, any furniture project requires some measurements.  If you’re going to be placing the shelves in your garage or basement, make sure you measure the room you have available, so that you can find shelves that fit comfortably.  Usually, to create the most amount of storage space possible, a set of three or four shelves pressed against one wall will create more than enough storage room, without dominating the entire garage or basement.  That way you’ve got enough storage throughout the many years you’ll be using these shelves, and also a convenient system that won’t take up too much room overall.

There are a few common metal designs for storage shelves.  Solid steel shelving is a classic, in which all shelves and the frame are made from solid steel.  Steel shelves provide stability, strength, and durability no matter the weight load or how long the shelf needs to hold out.  Another common type, that isn’t quite as durable, are shelves with a metal frame but shelf surfaces made from wood, with metal supports.   Usually made from composite woods opposed to hardwood, these don’t stand up to time as well.  Plus any moisture in the area, or leakage from any items you’re storing, can weaken the wood and cause the shelves to slowly break down.

Department stores usually offer some sort of storage shelf, but usually these aren’t the quality you need.  Most department stores offer weaker metal designs like steel bar and mesh shelves, but these don’t stand up to heavy weights as well.  The weaker composition won’t be ideal for the heavy duty items you’ll be storing in your garage or basement.  For best results you should stick to a hardware or home improvement store.  They will have shelves designed specifically for storing heavy items for long periods of time.

Some good stores to look out for will usually be any local hardware store, whether they are a big chain or not.  Even the smaller local stores are likely to have heavy duty metal storage shelves.  You can also find shelves online from a wide variety of retailers like NortherTool.com, Amazon.com and even Buy.com.  But when purchasing on the internet, pay careful attention to measurements and customer reviews, so you can really get a feel for the shelves.

Metal storage shelves are usually more expensive than regular shelves, because they are meant to last much longer under more weight.  You can usually expect to pay more than $100, with the higher load bearing shelves running in excess of $200.  But what you’ll get in return are good quality and long lasting metal shelves that you can use to store practically anything.

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